Chapter 1 Introduction

1.1 Prerequisites

  • Have at least a basic knowledge of R,

  • Install recent versions of R (>= 3.4) and RStudio (>= 1.2),

  • Install associated package advr38pkg with remotes::install_github("privefl/advr38pkg"). This will install other dependencies that are needed in this book.

1.2 Content

It is impossible to become expert in R in only one training course. Yet, this course aims at giving a wide understanding of many aspects of R. Some external resources will be referred to in this book for you to be able to deepen what you would have learned in this course.

This course was originally composed of 9 sessions (3 hours each):

  1. R programming and good practices (1.5 sessions)
  2. Data analysis with the tidyverse (3.5 sessions)
  3. R code performance (2 sessions)
  4. R packages (1 session)
  5. Bonus: Shiny (1 session)

1.3 Useful resources