Chapter 1 Introduction

1.1 Main motivation for developing {bigstatsr} and {bigsnpr}

The main motivation was for me to be able to run all my analyses within . I was frustrated by having to use all these different software, with different input formats, and requiring text files for parameters. This made it hard for me to build a chain of analyses, to perform some exploratory analyses, or to use familiar packages. Also, I wanted to develop new methods, which seemed very hard to do without using a simple matrix-like format. Thus I started developing package {bigsnpr} at the beginning of my thesis.

At some point, I realized that many functions (to perform e.g. GWAS, PCA, summary statistics) were not really specific to genotype data. Indeed, a TWAS or an EWAS are not conceptually very different from a GWAS; one can also perform PCA on e.g. DNA methylation data. Therefore I decided to move all these functions that could be used on any data stored as a matrix into a new package, {bigstatsr}. This is why there are two packages, where {bigstatsr} can basically be used by any field using data stored as large matrices, while {bigsnpr} provides some tools rather specific to genotype data, largely building on top of {bigstatsr}. The initial description of the two packages is available in Privé, Aschard, Ziyatdinov, & Blum (2018).

Functions starting with big_ are part of {bigstatsr}, while functions starting with snp_ or bed_ are part of {bigsnpr}.

1.2 Features

There are now many things implemented in the packages. You can find a comprehensive list of available functions on the package website of {bigstatsr} and of {bigsnpr}.

The next table presents an overview of common genetic analyses that are already implemented in {bigstatsr} and {bigsnpr}. This listing is inspired from table 1 of Visscher et al. (2017).

Analysis Available in {bigstatsr} and {bigsnpr} Still missing Citations
Polygenic risk scores - penalized regressions
- (stacked) C+T
- LDpred2
- lassosum2
multi-ancestry training Privé, Aschard, & Blum (2019)
Privé, Vilhjálmsson, Aschard, & Blum (2019)
Privé, Arbel, & Vilhjálmsson (2020)
Privé, Arbel, Aschard, & Vilhjálmsson (2022)
Population structure - principal component analysis
- ancestry inference
- fixation index (\(F_{ST}\))
- local adaptation
Privé et al. (2018)
Privé, Luu, Blum, McGrath, & Vilhjálmsson (2020)
Privé, Aschard, et al. (2022)
Privé (2022)
Privé, Luu, Vilhjálmsson, & Blum (2020)
GWAS linear and logistic - mixed models
- rare variant association
Privé et al. (2018)
Genome-wide assessment of LD - sparse correlation matrix
- optimal LD splitting
Privé et al. (2018)
Privé (2021)
Estimation of SNP heritability - LD score regression
- LDpred2-auto
Privé, Arbel, et al. (2020)
Privé, Albiñana, Pasaniuc, & Vilhjálmsson (2022)
Estimation of polygenicity LDpred2-auto Privé, Albiñana, et al. (2022)
Estimation of genetic correlation need to extend LDpred2-auto
Fine-mapping LDpred2-auto Privé, Albiñana, et al. (2022)
GWAS summary imputation need to extend LDpred2-auto
Mendelian randomization completely missing
Miscellaneous - integration with PLINK
- format conversion
- imputation of genotyped variants
- matrix operations
- summaries
Privé et al. (2018)

1.3 Example code

  • When you want to use a function for the first time, check the documentation and the examples in there (usually they are very short).

  • There are also many (longer) tutorials available (usually one with each paper), which be linked from here or are available at the packages’ websites.

  • Some other examples are provided in this extended documentation (in the next chapters).

  • All the code used in all my papers is available on GitHub. It mostly consists of R scripts based on {bigsnpr}, {bigstatsr}, the tidyverse, and the futureverse (Bengtsson, 2021; Privé et al., 2018; Wickham et al., 2019).

1.4 Installation

Both packages are available on CRAN, so you can use install.packages():


To install the latest versions (from GitHub), you can use {remotes}:

# install.packages("remotes")

1.5 Correct spellings


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